Trade Velox [VLX]

The Velox exchange is a simple and effective trading platform that allows you to buy, sell, store and trade Velox [VLX] with over 5 different crypto currency pairs.

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BTC 0.000083DOGE 249.928702LTC 0.0072139

Market Overview: VLX/BTC

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BTC0.000083 - 0.000083

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Market Cap: BTC2,099.40029262
Total VLX: 25,293,979.429185
Exchange Volume: 0 VLX
BTC 0.000083DOGE 249.928702LTC 0.0072139
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Latest Trades

Time Since Amount VLX Price
42.95818801 VLX BTC0.00008300
534.35800455 VLX BTC0.00008350
533.12005988 VLX BTC0.00010000
215.97401160 VLX BTC0.00008300
78.47631150 VLX BTC0.00010073
0.71690000 VLX BTC0.00010307
259.00000000 VLX BTC0.00010307
1,156.00000000 VLX BTC0.00010307
1,300.83144371 VLX BTC0.00010309
27.90000000 VLX BTC0.00010311
900.00000000 VLX BTC0.00010311
655.99129600 VLX BTC0.00010313
1,760.00000000 VLX BTC0.00010315
355.37666276 VLX BTC0.00010317
1,749.80881376 VLX BTC0.00010317
1,411.80000000 VLX BTC0.00010319
1,335.46869365 VLX BTC0.00010320
1,660.00000000 VLX BTC0.00010323
1,000.00000000 VLX BTC0.00010325
900.00000000 VLX BTC0.00010327

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1,630.70574899 VLX BTC0.00008100
500.00000000 VLX BTC0.00008001
300.00000000 VLX BTC0.00007601
200.00000000 VLX BTC0.00006800
500.00000000 VLX BTC0.00006750
500.00000000 VLX BTC0.00006600
1,000.00000000 VLX BTC0.00006500
500.00000000 VLX BTC0.00006250
600.00000000 VLX BTC0.00006100
1,000.00000000 VLX BTC0.00006000
600.00000000 VLX BTC0.00005500
600.00000000 VLX BTC0.00004680
2,000.00000000 VLX BTC0.00003815
80,000.00000000 VLX BTC0.00003800
263.00000000 VLX BTC0.00003333
630.00000000 VLX BTC0.00003264
1,000.00000000 VLX BTC0.00003120
50,000.00000000 VLX BTC0.00002500
15,000.00000000 VLX BTC0.00001000
25,000.00000000 VLX BTC0.00000900
825.23401200 VLX BTC0.00009900
749.97401160 VLX BTC0.00009990
3,410.40362862 VLX BTC0.00010000
365.51690550 VLX BTC0.00010335
151.00000000 VLX BTC0.00010338
443.79679044 VLX BTC0.00010500
191.38020000 VLX BTC0.00010699
500.00000000 VLX BTC0.00010800
2,500.00000000 VLX BTC0.00011298
4,500.00000000 VLX BTC0.00011299
450.00000000 VLX BTC0.00011300
223.82428118 VLX BTC0.00011350
3,998.52064469 VLX BTC0.00011380
627.72404404 VLX BTC0.00011399
1,884.75388688 VLX BTC0.00011400
1,000.00000000 VLX BTC0.00011600
3,000.00000000 VLX BTC0.00012000
10.00000000 VLX BTC0.00012800
1,000.00000000 VLX BTC0.00013300
469.00000000 VLX BTC0.00013779